Flight of the Nephilim

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Digital painting. 16x20 inches at 400 DPI - many layers of swirling spirits in clouds and smoke, airships, buildings, and the main figure - each element decorated intensely with glyphs and scripts down to near-microscopic detail in each inch of the painting.

New Music Video "Oh" from Psyche Corp.

Steam-friendly NYC band Psyche Corporation just put out a new music video which was partly filmed at a popular steampunk bar in Brooklyn called the Way Station and features some acting from local steampunks (Noam Berg of Painless Parker, Babs Who Takes Pictures, Abigail Neffer LeMort, Kristin Costa to name a few), as well as costuming by steampunk fashion designer Kristin Costa. It references a dark and bizarre story of a vigilante serial killer. Hope you enjoy!

Win 2 tickets to tgnese

  its been a while since i posted but whats better then now

Who here wants a chance to go to the great new england steampunk exhibition

do you want a chance to win 2 free tickets for this convention.

Then subscribe to my youtube channel and
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there will be many guests my group included in that list
Food is allways good

Next weekend on Saturday

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5th year

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again for the Annual Time Travel Picnic, the oldest and longest running annual steampunk meet up in the world. As an added bonus, this year's outing will also be a book release celebration for Wildside Press's latest novel release, the steampunk adventure “Blood In The Skies” by G. D. Falksen info here​loodintheskies

The Annual Time Travel Picnic is five years old this year and still going!

Join us Saturday, August 13th, on Governor's Island in New York City for this year's adventure! We will be meeting at 2pm at Pier 101 on the Island, then find a spot to sit, picnic and will enjoy the festivities until closing.
Map :​tml/visit/map.shtml

As a added treat we will have author G. D. Falksen to talk about his new book “Blood In The Skies” ,​loodintheskies sign copies, and have some wonderful gifts to give away including signed art prints and various other goodies from Wildside Press http://www.wildsidepress.c​om/ and others .

This is a free event, and you are all welcome to bring a picnic basket if you wish. Dress Steampunk, Victorian, dandy , etc. Just come to have a good time with pals and make some new friends.

The Island's website:
Directions to the event:​tml/visit/directions.shtml
The free ferries that run to the island:​tml/visit/directions.shtml

I hope the fact that this event is free will get more of you to come out to enjoy the day.

For photos from past years Time Travel Picnics​ps/time_travel__picnic/
The LJ where it all started five years ago

For the event listing on the islands web site look here​tml/visit/calendar.shtml
"Saturday, August 13th, honor the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War by joining the National Park Service and living historians who will provide family friendly activities, historic weapons demonstrations, music and other programs. Meet the Civil War soldiers and women of Governors Island from the summer of 1863."

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First Steampunk Costume: Feedback/Help?

I'm trying to sort out my first ever steampunk costume, I'm going with an Arctic explorer theme (of sorts). I've managed to get hold of a WW2 dispatch riders jacket and my plan is to modify a gas mask case with an altitude & temperature gauge and some piping so that it looks like a sort of heating unit.

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I'm not too sure what to wear under the coat, I have an old Royal Navy oil jumper knocking around (it's fantastic in the winter!), I think a submarine jumper would look better but I've never been able to find one under £60 (or a decent cheap alternative) so I was thinking maybe more of an airman look but not quite sure. A lot of the photos I've found on the 'net seem to be going for the brown shirt/leather waistcoat look but I kinda want something a bit more 'Arctic explorer' (not entirely sure what that looks like, I have a sort of idea in my head but that's not particularly helpful ).

I decided that a weapon is beyond my skill range so I'm going to make a (non-working) radio, starting with an old binocular case and adding dials + gauges. I've managed to find an old pair of 1920s wireless operators headphones and my plan is once I've assembled my 'radio', I'm going to drill a small hole in the top and feed the headphone cable in and attach it that way.

Apart from the obvious (hat, gloves, snow googles) I'm not sure what other accessories would work or what I should go for footwear-wise (I have very small feet, a little tempted to adapt an old pair of steel toe cap boots but they aren't the most comfortable thing to wear!)

Any suggestions and feedback would be most welcome
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July 16th We are celebrating Dorian’s Parlor one year anniversary!

This July 16th We are celebrating our one year anniversary!

RSVP here :

Do dress to the nines in Dandy, Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Neo-Vintage, Black Tie

Buy Tickets HERE:


$25 gets you admission, drink ticket, and Hors D'oeuvres

One year ago we opened our doors to you and most importantly you came. You came dressed to the 9s and became part of our monthly event. You saw and experienced the fantastic roster of award winning and incredible preformers, bands, artists and fashion designers. Without you we would be nothing and thus we now celebrate our one year anniversary by tossing the biggest and best party ever just for you, our beloved guests.

As always, the whole evening has been formulated like a fine elixir to amuse, tantalize and amaze you.

We are honored to have the exclusive release event for G. D. Falksen's debut novel “Blood In The Skies”, a fast-paced steampunk adventure story set in a world of excitement, danger, and aviation. Join Wing Commander Steele of the Commonwealth Air Force as she battles mysterious assassins and bloodthirsty pirates bent on delivering a doomsday weapon into the hands of a madman. Coming this summer from Wildside Press. Penned by G. D. Falksen fantastic illustrations by Jeni Hellum. We are lucky to offer you not only the first glance at this great book but also be privileged to hear a reading by the author and illustartor done in a classic radioland performance style, a treat not to be missed.

With such incredible music acts as "This Way to the Egress!", whose debut album is out soon; and the immortal and world famous Voltaire, who will serenade you of the wonders of being Evil while masterfuly playing his guitar. You know these performers' talent and music, and now is your chance to see them at Dorian's Parlor.

We are honored and very fortunate to have fashion designer Anthony Canney, head of the design house The House of Canney, where the trends from history never looked so fresh. Specializing in bespoke, historically inspired fashion and corsetry, Canney has traveled half way across the contury to show you his latest designs on gorgeous models in our fashion show.

And that's not all. We have dozens of one of a kind venders eager to sell you their great wears, preformers yet to be named (we must keep some surprises), glorious food and drink, and one of the best DJs out there, DJ Dave Ghoul, spinning song after song to keep you dancing the night away. There will be a vintage style photo booths to capture your evening with our talented photographers. We will have a mountain of door prizes and give aways from such places as Wildside Press, Retroscope Fashions, Steampunk Tales and many more all just for you. Prehaps a special bit of cake to celebrate a year of letting us entertain you. So come to our birthday party dressed your best and ejoy the spectacle we have prepared just for you. You will will not want to miss the event that surely will be totted as one of the parties of the year.

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