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22 July 2011 - The Crimefighters' Ball

Captain Pyewacket Presents:  The Crimefighters' Ball
(another time traveler's adventure)
Note:  due to a venue scheduling mixup, we moved it ahead one day to the 22nd

Action Heroes, Sidekicks, Doers of Dastardly Deeds and Derring-Do!

Saved the world yet again with no place to celebrate?

Tingling for a triumphant tango knowing that THIS time your plans for world domination WILL succeed?

Where can you go???!!!

Captain Pyewacket returns to the Casbah in downtown Durham, NC for another timetravelers' adventure...THE CRIMEFIGHTERS' BALL!

Charge your ray guns and set your coordinates for Awesome....The Fate (or the Doom, depending on which way you swing) of the planet depends on you!

Where else can you find....

* Live-Action Comicbook Cover Contest (digital photos)
* Best Hero, Villain and Sidekick Contest (costume, story, entrance/exit)
* Insult Slam / Diss-Off
* Heroic / Heinous Haiku Contest
* A Vendor or Three
* The Sidekick's Lounge
* DJ Scaramouche
* And Probably More!

All under one roof?! (Where, indeed.)

Friday, 22 July 2011
Doors open 9PM - Music 9:30PM-1:30 AM
$10 (only $5 if you have a Casbah membership)
Appropriate Attire is Admired but not required

at The Casbah
Directions:  1007 West Main Street, Durham, NC
(3 doors down from Brightleaf Square, near James Joyce Pub and the Federal Lounge)
Visit our Event Facebook Page
Photos from our March 2011 event, Captain Pyewacket's Unauthorised Excursion:  (Facebook) (Livejournal)

Doors 9PM / Dancing 9:30PM-1:30AM
Cover:  $10  (only $5 if you have a Casbah membership)
Parking:  Adjacent to club and on nearby streets
Food:  Details & Links
Appropriate dress encouraged * (click here for inspirational images)

Confused but intrigued?  New to steampunk?  Click visit our FAQ...
Nifty Downtown Durham Link

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