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Are you coming the 16th ?

This July 16th We are celebrating our one year anniversary!

July 16

Buy Tickets HERE: http://doriansparlor.ticketleap.com/dorians-parlor-one-year-anniversary/t/facebook/

RSVP here : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117135848365529

Dress to the nines in Dandy, Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Neo-Vintage, Black Tie

An event worth the travel as there will be nothing like it elsewhere.
Located at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel in Philadelphia Right on the corner of Broad and Locust St., 3 blocks south of city hall. Easily accessible from the Broad Street line and Septa Bus 27 and 32 and a short walk from Suburban Station.


$25 gets you admission, drink ticket, and Hors D'oeuvres

One year ago we opened our doors to you and most importantly you came. You came dressed to the 9s and became part of our monthly event. You saw and experienced the fantastic roster of award winning and incredible preformers, bands, artists and fashion designers. Without you we would be nothing and thus we now celebrate our one year anniversary by tossing the biggest and best party ever just for you, our beloved guests.

As always, the whole evening has been formulated like a fine elixir to amuse, tantalize and amaze you.

We are honored to have the exclusive release event for G. D. Falksen's debut novel “Blood In The Skies”, a fast-paced steampunk adventure story set in a world of excitement, danger, and aviation. Join Wing Commander Steele of the Commonwealth Air Force as she battles mysterious assassins and bloodthirsty pirates bent on delivering a doomsday weapon into the hands of a madman. Coming this summer from Wildside Press. Penned by G. D. Falksen fantastic illustrations by Jeni Hellum and other artist. We are lucky to offer you not only the first glance at this great book but also be privileged to hear a reading by the author done in a classic radioland performance style, a treat not to be missed.

With such incredible music acts as "This Way to the Egress!", whose debut album is out soon; and the immortal and world famous Voltaire, who will serenade you of the wonders of being Evil while masterfuly playing his guitar. You know these performers' talent and music, and now is your chance to see them at Dorian's Parlor.

We are honored and very fortunate to have fashion designer Anthony Canney, head of the design house The House of Canney, where the trends from history never looked so fresh. Specializing in bespoke, historically inspired fashion and corsetry, Canney has traveled half way across the contury to show you his latest designs on gorgeous models in our fashion show.

And that's not all. We have dozens of one of a kind venders eager to sell you their great wears, preformers yet to be named (we must keep some surprises), glorious food and drink, and one of the best DJs out there, DJ Dave Ghoul, spinning song after song to keep you dancing the night away. There will be a vintage style photo booths to capture your evening with our talented photographers. We will have a mountain of door prizes and give aways from such places as Wildside Press, Retroscope Fashions, Steampunk Tales and many more all just for you. Perhaps a special bit of cake to celebrate a year of letting us entertain you. So come to our birthday party dressed your best and ejoy the spectacle we have prepared just for you. You will will not want to miss the event that surely will be totted as one of the parties of the year.

Book release event for:

"Blood In The Skies" by G. D. Falksen,
a fast-paced steampunk adventure story set in a world of excitement, danger, and aviation. Join Wing Commander Steele of the Commonwealth Air Force as she battles mysterious assassins and bloodthirsty pirates bent on delivering a doomsday weapon into the hands of a madman. Coming this summer from Wildside Press http://www.wildsidepress.com/

Live performances by:

This Way to the Egress


DJ Dave Ghoul Spinning! http://daveghoul.com/

Fashion Show by Anthony Canney - http://TheHouseofCanney.com/

Your MC For the night G.D. Falksen

Sponsored By Circuit Six - http://www.circuitsix.biz/

There is discounted parking in the hotel's garage. (cash only)

Dorian’s Parlor is a sensuous spectacle of vintage glamour shining in the heart of Philadelphia. Housed at the Doubtletree Hotel on the Avenue of the Arts, this event is a haven for artists, bohemians, socialites and neo-vintage lovers of all stripes and inclinations. The gorgeous event space housing the party features both a grand ballroom and an outdoor patio for a mix of moods and climates.

Each month, Dorian’s Parlor will showcase the best in night life and artistic entertainment. In addition to inspired DJs, the Dorian’s Parlor events will feature live performances by bands, dancers and countless other talented artists. Be ready to see gorgeous models draped in the finest garments of some of the foremost neo-vintage designers during the fashion shows. And like an exotic bazaar, Dorian’s Parlor will host vendors and craftspeople eager to sell their finest wares to the revelrous crowd.

The door to the parlor is open. Won’t you come in and stay a while?

It's our one year anniversary party, and as it's a birthday party you get presents!

Wonderful exclusive steampunk Hello Kitty merchandise from Sanrio, such as great soft tee shirts from http://www.welovefine.com/ Just look here at some of the adorable Hello Kitty things you can win http://doriansparlor.com/images/cycle/hello_shirts.jpg. Be the best or most creative dressed and up your chances at getting some of the prime picks of the birthday gifts we have just for you!

At random our wonderful ticket booth staff will be giving out prizes and goodies from the following fantastic places:

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine

Cabinet Cards with http://tsirkus.org/
The last time ever you will get too get.....
Classic 100 year old cabinet card style portrait photos with http://tsirkus.org/
This will be the last time ever you will be able to get your own photo taken by 100+ year camera.
Have you ever wanted a photo of your self that looked as though it was taken 100 years ago? Well on July 16th you can have that happen with as many people as can fit with in your photos. One of our vendors the talented artist RA Friedman will be taking cabinet card portrait style photos with his over 100 year old camera. Not only in a matter of moments do you get the physical photo to own that will look as if taken 100 years ago in classic black and white photo , but you also will have a digital copy scanned and emailed to you of the negative. So you get two photos , taken with a well over 100 year old camera to get that real classic cabinet card look that you get to keep it in a fantastic paper frame as well a digital copy emailed to you . This is a once in a life time opportunity as the film being used to take these images is running low and once the last bit is used that's it. So on top of all the other fantastic things we have going on July 16th at Dorian's Parlor we now also have a once in a life time op to have your photo taken in a way most people never get the chance too on a peace of history.

Color portrtaits with Hugh Casey
Have your photo taken with the classic 1900 back drop and by the skilled photogefer Hugh Casey. But have them in color with a sharp pro camera lenses.
Have the joy of having a free min photo shoot at our event and then latter being able to pick what photos you would like to own from the talented
Hugh Casey web site http://www.hughcasey.com/ . Document all that effort put in to looking your best with us with Hugh's incredible phototogrfy.

TeslaCon gifts ( http://www.teslacon.com )
The wonderful and incredible nothing else like it on the planet event that is known as TeslaCon ( http://www.teslacon.com ) will not only be giving you a sneak peek at some exlusive never before seen footage for Tesla con at the begining of the evening (presented by the one and only Lord Hastings Robert Bobbins III), but to celbrate our birthday they will be bringing presents for you, our guests. Yes more things you can go home with for coming to our party. TeslaCon will be providing us two tickets to their wonderful weekend event in November, which we will give away at the end of the night. As you can see here http://teslacon2011.eventbrite.com/ that's a very generous gift for two lucky guests of the Dorian's Parlor One Year Anniversary on July 16th. But that's not all! Thanks to the goodness of TeslaCon, we will also be giving another lucky guest of our event an interactive vampire novel wonderful for any of your digtal devices. One part game, one part story, all parts vampire fun. Toward the end of the evening those who wish to gain these prizes and can attend TeslaCon in November of this year will be called up, and his lordship will make that difficult call over who he deems has won.

Grab bag of Tea
Also to add thanks you to Yogi Organic Tea http://www.yogiproducts.com/ ,Twinings Tea http://www.twiningsusa.com , Stash Tea http://www.stashtea.com/ , Teavana http://www.teavana.com and Lipton tea http://www.lipton.com/ at the ticket table when you first come in, we will have a grab bag of tea. In the box will be many individually wrapped tea bags of many different tastes and types from these companies for you free to take home with you and enjoy. Please, we ask that you only take one per guest as we would like everyone to be able to enjoy their tea on sunday morning. This will only be available while supplies last.

Our Vendors for July 16th!
Utopia Armory
Steampunk Funk
Wildside Press
Steampunk Leather
The Griffon's Claw
MayFaire Moon
Reconstructing History
Persephones Jewels
RA Friedman
Culture Asylum Magazine
Hugh Casey Photography

Some of our local shops in Philadelphia (where you can buy everything you need to complete your Steampunk, Neo Victorian, Neo Vintage outfit) wish for you to look your best and have a great time, so they are offering an exclusive discount in their stores if you mention Dorian's Parlor when making your purchase at the register.

Your exclusive shopping discount for wishing to attend Dorian's Parlor can be had at...

Passional Boutique
704 South 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Business Hours:
Everyday: Noon-10PM

South Street Hats
Awesome and amazing hats for all
810 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Business Hours:
Closed Mondays
Tuesday-Thursday: 11AM-6PM
Friday-Saturday: 11AM-7PM
Sunday: 11AM-6PM

Crash Bang Boom
528 s 4th philadelphia pa 19147
Business Hours:
Monday-Thursday: Noon-8PM
Friday-Saturday: Noon-9PM
Sunday: Noon-6PM

RSVP here : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117135848365529
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