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Dreams of Gears and Steam

A steampunk community for sharing ideas, news, links and images

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Steampunk, clockpunk, and industrial fantasy art, news, history, and discussion.
denkitachi ni wa kami wa nai*

"Dreams of Gears and Steam" is a community for exploring the steampunk, clockpunk, dieselpunk, and industrial fantasy genres. We are not limited to just industrial Victorian England-based inspirations. Other places and times are welcome as well, in addition to purely fictional industrial fantasy that is not based in Earth's history at all. Images of 17th-century Italian astrolabes, an article about gun manufacture in Meiji Japan, a review of a new book on Victorian fashion, your impressions of a steampunk RPG, a discussion of the airships in Final Fantasy--all are welcome. Even non-steampunk works that feature mechanical technology are fine ("Spirited Away's" bath system, for example).

Trolls will be banned.

RULES (Updated August 26, 2008; subject to change)

The most important rule is to be considerate. Common sense applies here: critiques should be constructive; disagreements should be civil; care should be given to the feelings of others. If you have a problem with someone here, please wait long enough to give him/her a chance to reply to your comment, in case it turns out that you have misunderstood the other person's intentions. (If you immediately delete a post, there is no room for working out the problem, and it leaves your humble moderator in a very) awkward position. If you post an outfit or drawing and do not wish to be critiqued on it, feel free to say so. Other community members should respect your wishes.

Image use rules: Any image posted to this community by the creator or owner of that image belongs to that creator or owner. Please respect this. If you would like to use the image for some purpose, you should ask the creator/owner. If that person says no, then you should respect that and leave the images alone.

Advertisement of items for sale and commission rules: Advertisement is not the point of this community. Please join one of the sales-oriented communities if you wish to post ads. You MAY post photos and descriptions of items that are currently for sale by you IF you include substantial other content in the post, such as requests for feedback, a description of how to make similar items, a history of that kind of item, etc. If you post an entry that is nothing more than a photo, generic blurb, and link, the moderator will request you to delete it. If you fail to delete it or if you try this repeatedly, you will be banned and reported for spamming. The moderator also reserves the right to request deletion of posts that do not connect to the community's themes. Of course, you may also post links to items for sale by other people, although some description is still desireable.)

Event promotion rules: You may post no more often than once a month. If there is a large accompanying image (more than 500 x 500 pixels), it must be lj-cut. If it is smaller, or if it is lengthy text, you can post without a cut tag the FIRST time you post it. After that, it must be behind a cut tag. We do welcome event posts, but they do not contribute much in terms of interest or discussion, and are usually geographically limited--hence the restrictions. Please avoid repeatedly posting identical or highly similar entries.

Image-posting rules: You may post one image of under 100 KB or 400 x 400 pixels without a cut-tag, but any more than that, or anything really large should be behind a cut-tag. Any nudity must also be behind an LJ-cut, with a description/warning. These rules apply to all posts, including sales and promotion posts.

Article-posting rules: Providing a link to an article is fine, but a short description is even better. If you want to post the whole thing, put in a cut-tag after the first paragraph or two.

Fiction-posting rules: Put in a cut-tag after the first paragraph or two. Also, it's advisable to make your post friends-only (i.e., comm. members only) to avoid copyright issues.

Language rule: The language of this community is English. Posts in other languages are OK, but a summary in English is appreciated.

Making a cut tag:
Immediately before what you want to cut, type
< LJ-CUT TEXT="Blah blah blah" >
but remove the spaces after the < and before the >
Immediately after what you want to cut, type
< /LJ-CUT >
but again, remove the spaces. Easy!

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(Suggest others in community posts.)

Links of interest:

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(Suggest others in community posts.)

*there are no gods in electric things
age of industry, age of steam, airships, alan moore, alchemy, alternate histories, alternate history, anachronism, archaicism, art, art deco, art nouveau, atelier marie, automata, automatons, bruce sterling, call of cthulhu, casshern, castle falkenstein, cathedral child, charles babbage, china mieville, clockwork, clockwork angels, dolls, eatman, edgar allen poe, fantasy, final fantasy, gears, girl genius, gnemo, gurps steampunk, h. g. wells, h. p. lovecraft, h. rider haggard, history of science, horseless carriages, ian macleod, inventions, inventors, ironclad petal, jules verne, karakuri ningyou, lea hernandez, league of extraordinary gentlemen, leonardo da vinci, locomotives, machinery, machines, mad science, mad scientists, mary shelley, meiji era, metropolis, museums, neal stephenson, neo-victorian, nikolai tesla, obsolete technology, paula volsky, perdido street station, phil foglio, phillip pullman, pipe organs, player pianos, pneumatic tubes, robot carnival, robots, role-playing games, rpgs, rube goldberg, sakura taisen, sakura wars, science, science fiction, science!, sky captain, space 1889, spirit of wonder, steam detectives, steam engines, steamboy, steampunk, steamships, the british empire, the industrial revolution, the mechanical turk, the renaissance, the victorian internet, tin toys, tom kidd, victorian clothes, victorian era, victorian fantasy, victorian science fiction, victoriana, weird science, wild wild west, world's fairs, writing, zeppelins, からくり, からくり人形, オルゴール, スチームパンク, ネオビックトリアン